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Pickleball Training & Clinics

People of all ages and backgrounds can play pickleball for a lifetime
with the correct form! It's an amazing sport that promotes longevity
while healing the body, mind, and soul.


Kat W.

I think it’s fair to say, sports are my life and my passion. I'm a Certified PPR Pro Instructor with a bachelor's degree in Physical Education and a concentration in Teaching. I have been playing a wide
range of sports since the age of 6. I played 5 Varsity sports in a large high school including softball, basketball, tennis, golf, and swimming.



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The Benefits of KAT's

Energetic & Caring

I am a great, energetic, and caring teacher with the use of correct keywords and I understand how to teach using developmentally and age-appropriate teaching.

Skill level based Clinics

Working on the skill that I announce with instruction for 45 min and 30 min implementing it into a game-type situation. They come out weekly and you sign up if you like.

6:1 Student-Teacher Ratio.


I specialize in intratask variation as well. The ability to see what is the best drill for your skill level and can provide different tasks per the student in my clinics.


I specialize in biomechanics and the study of how the body works together to optimize performance and lessen the likelihood of injury and I am able to correct form in minutes.

A Word from Our Trainees

Natural Teacher

"Everybody who's played wants to tell you how to play pickleball, but Kat teaches you how to be a better player. She has an unparalleled ability to teach proper motor skills by breaking down each stroke, correcting your mistakes, and reinforcing proper technique. Kat combines the mechanics with strategy, explaining shot selection and encouraging you to think about each shot you make. Kat is a natural
teacher and I feel fortunate to be able to train with her."

                                                                                     - Hilary Hafeken


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