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My Mission

To teach the major skills and strategies in pickleball with a focus on using your whole body to minimize injury and optimize performance based on each individual student.

Kat's Athletic Founders

Katherine (Kat) Williams

I think it’s fair to say, sports are my life and my passion. I have been playing a wide range of sports since the age of 6. I played 5 Varsity sports in a large high school including softball, basketball, tennis, golf, and swimming.

I started playing and coaching Pickleball in 2019 and it is my love because everyone can be active in this sport for a lifetime no matter what your skill level is and it is great for the body, mind, and soul!! It helps you develop interpersonal communication skills and comes with a welcoming community of supportive individuals who may not interact if it was not for this game bringing them together on the courts. It can also be a wonderful game for families to play together.


I now am a sponsored player with Engage Pickleball now and compete at the 5.0 level, the highest amateur level. I have qualified for Nationals two years in a row at the 4.5 level. I am a Certified PPR Pro Instructor, which includes a minimum of 3 years of teaching and passing all tests and classes, including teaching my own class, in the highest percentile and demonstrating all skills in pickleball at an exceptional level. 


After obtaining my bachelor's in Business Administration from Radford University, I quickly realized I was meant to be coaching/teaching. I went back to school at the age of 30 and graduated Summa Cum laude from NCCU with a bachelor's in Physical education and a concentration in teaching. It helped me continue to grow in my studies and understanding of proper biomechanics in several sports. I am a
former Physical Education/Health teacher and have worked with all ages.


I started to develop my love of coaching early on while helping my Dad draft players and coach our softball team... I started analyzing various aspects of players' skill sets when I was around 7-8 years old. I am very grateful for finding the sport of pickleball when going through a rough period in my life and my Mom got me out there! Thank you, Mom!!


I have now coached adult and middle school softball, boys middle school baseball, basketball for juniors, adult and junior tennis and pickleball, and junior golf. While Pickleball is my primary focus, I also offer lessons in softball, tennis, and golf.


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